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     Making money with safelists is easy because most of them pay you a commission for referring people who upgrade and purchase advertising. Since everyone needs more traffic and a safelist is an Excellent way to get it. Remember send all your traffic to your lead capture page so you have someone to invite to join your programs!

      The real beauty of using safelists is the fact you are actually borrowing an admins membership list for the sole purpose of building your own list of prospects. Simple isn't it yet 95% of marketers are not building their list so they suffer with little or low referral numbers.

       To use these lists effectively you will want to use more than just a handful in fact you should join and use as many as you can manage. Also, the upgrade is a requirement if you wish to take your business from the hobby level to a profitable online business level.

       One challenge you will face will be the overload of inbound email from the members sending their ads out to the list you belong too. This is not spam because you double opted into the list and were required to verify your email addresses when you joined. Email management will be a required skill in order to handle the flow comfortably but don't worry like most skills you will need, they will come in time. Overall, using safelists to build your list is a great way to grow a list quickly.. Use them daily!

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