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Clixsense Is Highly Recommended!

Here's Why!

Did you know?

ClixSense doesn't set any limits on the amount of ads
you can view per day.

ClixSense doesn't set any limits on the amount of
direct referrals you can have.

ClixSense doesn't set any limits on the amount in indirect
referrals you can have.

ClixSense doesn't make you wait to do certain things like refer others.

ClixSense was the company that started the PTC craze in 2007.

ClixSense has some of the lowest advertising rates in the industry.

ClixSene doesn't charge a ridiculous amount of money
to upgrade your account.

ClixSense has no maximum cashout. If you can make it,
they will pay it!

ClixSense doesn't have multiple membership levels, why
pay more when you don't have to?

ClixSense doesn't use a cheap purchased script to run their business, thier site is 100% custom built by THEIR employeed developers.

ClixSense doesn't use a shared hosting server, they have multiple dedicated servers.

ClixSense doesn't hide behind a privacy protect when you look at who owns the domain, they have nothing to hide and won't run away with your earnings.

Why are I telling you this?

Simple, with new PTC and bux sites coming online everyday you have no idea who you are dealing with and what their intentions are.

With ClixSense, you know them and you can trust them. They want you to be successful online with them and not be taken by a startup that is here today and gone tomorrow.

How Do You Earn At Clixsense?  Let Me Count The Ways!

1. You earn when viewing advertisers ads
2. You earn when your directly sponsor new members
3. You earn when your direct referrals view ads
4. You earn when your direct referrals purchase advertising
5. You earn when you win in the 'ClixGrid'
6. You earn when completing tasks
7. You earn when your direct referrals complete tasks

Premium members are those members that have upgraded at the low, $17 per year.  I Highly Recommend You Upgrade For Maximum Earnings.

Because as a premium member you:

1. Are entered into an 8 level uni-level system
(thereby earning potential is virtually limitless)
2. Earn more overall
3. Earn residuals

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