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How To Promote Your Referral Link Like A Professional Marketer!

A Straight Forward Set Of Instructions Anyone Can Follow Which Leads To  Achieving Maximum Results And Affiliate Cash Reward!

1.  Chose a program, product, or service that pays at least a 50% commission, recurring is better but don't pass up the one time payouts.

2.  Collect any and all affiliate/ referral marketing material like solo ads, banner ad links, text ads, headlines, keywords, autoresponder email series, brandable ebooks, etc.

     Save all this information in Windows Notepad.

3.  Open notepad and write one welcome customer service type letter to be delivered by your autoresponder immediately when your lead confirms their email address.

     Load this letter in a new autoresponder campaign and set the delay to zero (0).  This means that your welcome letter will go out without delay.

4.  Create the form code and set the subscriber landing URL and Confirm Landing URL to your referral link.  Now collect the lead capture form code you just created and save it in notepad.

5.  Create a lead capture page using a WYSIWYG HTML editor like NVU.  Add your capture form code to the page at this point to finish off your page.

6.  Purchase a .info domain using keywords related to the product, service, or program for $2.99 per year.  You will use this domain to simply redirect to your lead capture page you created in step #5.  This gives you control over the page without having to change the link the domain redirects too.

7.   Contact a graphics designer to create a few banners you will need to use in order to promote your lead capture page.  It's affordable and will give you an advantage over everyone else promoting the same thing as you.  You will need the following size banners in either .jpg or animated .gif format.

a. 120 x 60
b. 120 x 600
c. 125 x 125
d. 468 x 60
e. 728 x 90
f.  600 x 300
g, 1 ebook cover

8.  Open Word or Open Office and create a short PDF file to give away as a bonus on your lead capture page.  Basically you will want to creat a short report on the top 5 ways you're using the program, product, or service to make money online,

You don't have to be a sales person to do this, you simply want to share your knowledge and how to use the whaever it is so they feel comfortable using it too.  Keep the report specific to the thing you're promoting for maximum results.

Be sure to include your referral link in the report.  This step gives you a viral marketing component needed to help get traffic on autopilot.   Believe me, this works so be sure to do it.
Now just add the ebook cover image to your lead capture page and offer it as a bonus when they opt in to your list.

Be sure to add the link to the PDF report download in your first letter in your autorespodner so it gets delivered even if you're asleep.

9.  Go to and do a search for ebook submission sites.  Add your ebook and ebook cover image to the submission form at each site.  Use your domain as the website so anyone visiting may end up on your list.

Now when people search these sites your ebook will be found with your referral link in it.  Once they download it, who knows how many people they may share it with!  This is one effective type of viral marketing.

10.  It's time for massive traffic to be sent to your domain which is your lead capture page.  The more you send to this page the more leads you will have on your list.  Every one of them will see your site two times when joining your list plus the link in your email letter.

They will get your ebook downloaded to their desktop and when they read it they may click your link and join your program/

There is much more you can choose at this point to increase your traffic and results.

Write articles.
Post on your blog.
Use any of the following ad resources.
  Safelists, Text Ad exchanges. Traffic exchanges, Social media sites like Facebook, Submit to classifieds, Place small business classifieds in magazines and newspapers, in fact the list goes on and on.  There is so many ways to get traffic I suggest you start by using the resources found on this site.  They are proven and effective assets.

No matter what you're promoting using these directions will help you be in the top 2% who make all the money while the other 98% make little or nothing at all.

This is not intedended to be the end of the road, for Internet marketers this represents the tip of the iceburg.

Always look for more places to get traffic both free and paid  ads every day if you want to reap the rewards like a rock star!

Good luck!

Joe Sansoucie

Get your domain name at Namecheap.  The service is fast and you can have your domain redirecting to your lead capture page in less than 24 hours.  In most cases it happens in just minutes.  You may also use GDI to get the job done.

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