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     Making money with text ad exchanges is so easy it's surprising more people aren't clue'd in to them. These types of advertising sites offer huge commissions for affiliate marketers sometimes as high as 75% or more.

      The beauty of these sites is the One Time Offer or O.T.O. as it is referred to by most seasoned members. These offers are normally well under the $100.00 mark for Lifetime upgraded membership, not yearly or monthly, but lifetime.

       Prices can range between $5.00 to $97.00 a one time payment and most admins add a ton of free advertising to go with the upgrade to sweeten the offer.

       Looking at it with the idea of making money with these sites simply recognize you will only need between 2 and 20 upgraded referrals to earn you a lot of commissions not to mention the massive amount of free traffic credits you will get from your referrals activities on the site. The more you refer the more money you will have an opportunity to earn!

    When joining text ad exchanges, remember the one time offer actually saves you money and also positions yourself to earn the maximum commissions from your marketing efforts. Now go out and get a few under your belt and then let your list know! You are building your list aren't you? If not who would you have to tell about these great money machines? Nobody that's who! See below for recommended traffic sources!

Executve Solo Ads - Serving up daily solo ads to the entire membership contact address, banner ads seen on site and timer bars, login ads, traffic links, text ads HTML ads.

Free to join, one time offer is only $12.00 for lifetime membership.
Timeless Ad Exchange - If you are looking for more referrals or building a massive mailing list, you can find them here at Timeless Ad Exchange!
Monster Solo Service - You can expect your solo ad run to generate roughly 1000 to 2000 clicks on your offer.  Monster provides monster results!

This is a Real Bargain!  Watch for the O.T.O..
Advertising Blow Out - Baiscally a "Home Depot" of text ad exchange promo codes totallying in the tens of thousands of dollars in free advertising! This is a must have!

The one time offer is just $19.99 for lifetime upgrade unlocking both free and gold codes.
Super Solo Advertising - always seems to produce 100 200 300 even 400 hits per solo sent which is darn good compared to some sites.  If you're not getting this much from the solo ads you send, be sure to check out Super Solo Advertising.

Be sure to use it every day!
Ultimate Solos - Another site that will deliver around 2000 clicks on your solo ads per send.  Like Monster, this site is very reliable in that delivery.  Be sure you have a great free offer and build your list with this traffic for sure.

One time offer should be grabbed to save big $$!
Nitro List - offering marketers a secondary list builder, solo ads, top sponsor ads, and cash!  Nothing is better than getting traffic and cash from one site.  Paying up to 45% commissions to upgraded members, even free members earn 10%!

Watch for the one time offers to save money!
Super Solo Ads - Consistently produces 300 to 600  + clicks to every solo sent.  A must have addition to any marketers portfolio of traffic resources.  They offer specials when you login which will save you money.  Otherwise you pay more inside.

Watch for the one time offer!
Adz Quik - Always produces between 125 and 200 clicks per solo sent making it a reliable source of daily traffic.  Pays commissions plus offers great specials around 7 dollars.

Watch for the one time offer it's nutz!

Global Web Traffic Biz - This site always produces between 85 to 200 clicks per solo.  Reliable daily traffic plus excellent specials on solos for ten bucks.  Banner clicks are very high with this site as they only offer banners and solo ads.  Simple and effective.  The one time offer is excellent.

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